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KAYENAT TECHNOLOGY is an independent company registered under Afghanistan’s ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology Holding the national ISP license where it provides Internet services all over Afghanistan.

Our corporate aims are to provide each client with a comprehensive range of superior quality products and services with a depth of value that will exceed expectations whilst maintaining a truly professional, dedicated and exemplary service. Along with a confidence in our ability to deliver fast, effective and fit-for-purpose solutions a responsible and flexible approach to your business requirements

KAYENAT TECHNOLOGY Provides two-way satellite internet connectivity for home users, small, midsize to large corporate business; as well as government agencies, Kayenat Technology can provide shared bandwidth to the vast information resource of the world wide web (www) where client can download and upload files and applications; play music mp3, streams audio and video, check and send emails, chat with friends and family, listen to radio stations, read. News research and study ON-LINE and many more

We install VSAT system where ever the client wants inside Afghanistan.  Our Two way internet is using the very powerful satellites to cover the entire Afghanistan.

Kayenat Technology provides iDirect Services that enable highly efficient satellite communications based on TMA/TDMA Technologies. Our highest quality of proven business-grade solution is the iDirect NetModem II+ – a broadband router that is a simple “one box” solution that provides enterprise-class IP transport and traffic management over satellite networks. The NetModem II Plus is a compact set-top terminal that delivers a satellite modem, IP router, TCP optimization over satellite, 3DES Encryption, and QoS/prioritization all in one easy to deploy solution. At the same time, it delivers the highest data throughput speeds in the industry today -18 Mbps downstream, and 4.2 Mbps upstream. And because it is highly scalable for both inbound and outbound data rates, it allows users to easily accommodate current and future two way bandwidth requirements. Kayenat offers a full line of compact iDirect routers which are optimized and designed for different requirements of our clients. We provide flexible solutions for small to large sized enterprises with simple remote needs or maximum requirements for real-time applications such as VPN, VoIP, Internet access, video conferencing and file transfer. We leverage these iDirect products to build the next-generation satellite networks that significantly improve bandwidth efficiency and lower operating cost.




We provide two-way satellite internet connectivity for home users, small, midsize to large corporate business; as well as government Read more



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